Portuguese food

Pastel de Belém

The Portuguese cuisine is very appreciated by tourists who visit us.

With a vast coastline, the sea also distinguishes us in gastronomy, which has fish and seafood as the main attractions.

It is a cuisine of sea flavor that we propose, just to prove both the quality of a seafood, grilled fish or freshly caught fish. But cod is one of the main dishes of our kitchen.

The sea is the most striking feature of the Portuguese cuisine, you can enjoy a simple grilled fihsh, always fresh, such as seafood that abounds throughout the coast. A seafood rice and fish are also good choices. In meat dishes, a suggestion of the whole country: the celebrated Portuguese stew meat and vegetable mixture, cooked so juicy.

To finish your meal, you can not dispense the delicious convent sweets.

Candy with roots in many convents where they were prepared, make us still “give thanks to heavens.” And be sure to try a custard tart. Always goes well with the coffee, which is an expresso.

Conventual sweets

The Portuguese pastries have their origin in national convents and monasteries in the sixteenth century. The abundant use of egg yolks in many of the specialties are realated to the use off white egg in convents. The white egg were used to make the consecrated wafer’s, not to waste the egg yolks and the sugar from the new world, the friars perfected the ancestral recipes. The creativity in convent sweets is over owed by high sugar, egg yolks, nuts and almonds.

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