Coimbra is the most relevant city in the Central Region of Portugal. It is one of the country’s oldest cities and was the capital of Portugal before Lisbon.

City of narrow streets, patios, stairways and medieval arches, Coimbra was the cradle of birth of six kings of Portugal, as well as the first University in the country and one of the oldest in Europe founded in 1290 by King D. Dinis.

Coimbra is crossed by the river Mondego, the largest national river, born in Serra da Estrela. The river delights Coimbra and its margins which hosts many sporting events during the summer. It is considered one of the most important Portuguese cities due to its infrastructure, organizations and companies in addition to its historical importance and privileged geographical position in the center of continental Portugal, between the cities of Lisbon and Oporto.

The city highlights in what concerns the services available is education and health, as it has many international medical experts. The student population of the city is around 37,000 and students are welcomed from all over the world at the University.

The gastronomy of Coimbra has deep roots, especially in the pastry specialty, and is a great reason to travel. At the table, Coimbra stands out more in sweets, a secular tradition that is due largely to the influence of major monasteries. And although the city of Coimbra has not a dish that features, in restaurants and taverns you can taste excellent delicacies, snacks and dishes such as Chanfana (stewed goat) or Leitão à Bairrada (roast suckling pigglet).

In 2013, the University of Coimbra, was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. For all these reasons Coimbra is today a city admired by tourists from around the world and a magical place to discover.

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