Cascais with life!

Thinking of Cascais as a whole is inevitably thinking of its privileged geographical location. Thinking of Cascais is to be dazzle by the landscape, with its high, rocky eroded shore, is thinking of the beaches and cliffs in the sun with warm weather, blue sky and lovely sea. The Atlantic Ocean that shapes Cascais, that covers the land, the pier, and the people, and brings out for sure the unique place that invites those who live and those who dream of visiting Cascais.

From bathing resort chosen by King Luis; to summer place attended by the aristocracy of the nineteenth century; to the architecture, symbol of permanency, that gives a picturesque image; to a place of refugees and exiles of the Second World War and to a busy fishing area, where colorful boats are highlighted, Cascais brings itself a reection of its history. It constantly lives, and reinvents itself with this same past.

Between mountains and sea, Cascais is thirty minutes away from the Capital. Meander by the Marginal Avenue, Cascais County begins in Carcavelos and ends its limit with just one look at the Sintra hills.

All these aspects bring people to sports such as Surf, Sail, Golf or Tennis; inviting to a nostalgic mood from the landscape offered by the swinging train on the railway line; it offers intensive smells from the sea air and invites you to taste flavors from the Mediterranean cuisine where fish is one of the main dishes. It also calls you to dive in the various coast beaches some of them with therapeutic properties. It invites you to enjoy the numerous museums and historic places such as The House of Stories of Paula Rego and the Lighthouse Museum of Santa Marta. It Offers you a walk in the different gardens and parks of the different places in the county and also offers you diverse cultural activities from concerts, to shows and festivals.

Cascais invites social contact on the warm and sunny afternoon, behind the hustle and bustle of the people who knows the place where it lives and that always finds time to relax and chat. From these ways of living and experiencing life, this destination becomes very attractive and so, Cascais grows and evolves, making its existence more than dreamlike. Its existence is made of people and like the place where they live, it invites you. It invites always.

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