What a place to live!

On the far south coast of Portugal, where the warm and calm waters meet, is the region of Algarve, with its beautiful mountains and stunning seas, of Mediterranean climate. The natural beauty is everywhere. With beautiful beaches of fine sand, the destination is perfect to welcome people seeking quiet.

Throughout the region, it is possible to admire its monuments, which tell a little of the past. From Roman to the Muslim heritage, there are signs of a remarkable history to rediscover. With a pleasant climate all year round, here is the best place to live! Long beaches are interrupted by rugged cliffs and mysterious caves, which can be discovered by boat trips. The beaches are amazingly different, but all beautiful.

For those who love golf sport, the Algarve region is characterized as a mayor destination for golfing in Europe. In addition to its more than 70 golf courses, the climate allows the sport to be practiced throughout the year.

The diversity of nature is definitely one of the greatest riches of the Algarve. From the Coast to the mountains, there is a wide diversity, with various forms of exploitation. Away from the beaches, you’ll find the green blends with the brown earth tones in the vast expanse of Barrocal and the fields covered in orange groves, trees, carob and almond.

The regional cuisine is rich in flavors and tells the history of several civilizations. Being a land of fishermen facing the Atlantic, fish and seafood play starring role in local cuisine. The best recipes come from the fishermen who, over the centuries, perfected the way to conserve natural flavors, grilling them slowly over charcoal. For all these reasons, the Algarve is a place full of charm and the right choice to live or to invest.

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