France food


Worldwide recognition

World-renowned, French cuisine refers to various gastronomic styles derived from the French tradition. It has evolved over the centuries following the social and political changes in the country. The Middle Ages saw the development of sumptuous banquets that took French gastronomy to a higher level. From the twentieth century, French cuisine has become the modern benchmark for haute cuisine. It is still considered as one of the references in the world because of its cultural aspect.

In France, however, different styles of cooking are practiced and there are many regional traditions, so it is difficult to speak of French cuisine as a unified whole. There are many regional dishes based on agricultural products such as cheese, wine, meat, ... that have developed to the point of being recognized at the national level.

A group of gourmets and chefs including Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, Pierre Troisgros, Marc Veyrat and Michel Guerard have worked to make French cuisine a cultural heritage of UNESCO. This was done in 2010. With Mexican cuisine and the Mediterranean diet, this is the first time that culinary traditions have been recorded in this list.


Macarons, Saint-Honoré, Paris-Brest, Tarte Tatin, ... These are names that do not need translation. These are cakes that delight the taste buds of the world, heirs to a multi-century know-how.

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