France Culture

The Louvre Museum

Art of living

French culture as it exists today was for a large part based on the influence of France in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. France has almost 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites on its territory.

Museums devoted to a wide variety of themes, including the Louvre Museum, rich libraries and a wealth of real estate, craft and industrial heritage testify to the development of this culture marked by areas such as literature, music, painting and architecture. The image of France is also that of luxury. Paris is often considered as the world capital of luxury, fashion, haute couture and fine jewelry. Cinema is also very dynamic in France. The Cannes Film Festival has become the most publicized film festival in the world.

But France is above all a State that defends cultural and linguistic diversity, in a historic desire for unification.

Since the late 1990s, France has been the spearhead of the defense of the arts sector in the face of globalization. The image of France in the world is that of the art of living. This is the main attraction for people who come to live there.

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